The Best Lotions To Heal Dry Hands


Do you suffer from dry skin and are looking for a treatment that is effective? An easy way to help treat a dry skin condition is to use a healing hand lotion. There are many lotions that work well to repair dry skin or to help keep it moisturized. Review our list of top picks to see what will be the best for you.


This is a scent-free skin restoring body lotion can be used to help heal dry skin and even skin ailments like eczema. Keep a bottle in your bathroom to use after bathing or showering.


If you have dry and itchy skin, then this lotion will help to moisturize and reduce itching. A small bottle can be kept at home or in your car when traveling.

Vaseline Advanced Repair Hand Unscented Lotion

This is a terrific healing hand lotion for sensitive skin that absorbs fast and is non-greasy. Perfect for hands that have rough, dry skin.

CVS Healing Skin Therapy Lotion

If you need a healing hand lotion that is fast penetrating, then is lotion for CVS is ideal. Aloe is one of the main ingredients along with seven other moisturizers.

Walgreens Medicated Healer Hand Lotion

This healer hand lotion works great for hands that are exposed to wind and weather. Keep a bottle in a first aid kit or in a pocket if you do a lot of work outside.

Dr. Dan’s Hand and Body Lotion

If you suffer from psoriasis, cracked fingers, and hand that are chapped, then this will be perfect to use as a healing hand lotion. The ingredients are hypoallergenic and there is 1 percent hydrocortizone.

3 Bridal Shopping Mistakes Women Make When Buying Wedding Gowns

All girls dream of a perfect wedding and of wearing a dream dress that is just jaw-dropping-ly gorgeous. We chart out the most common mistakes women make when they go wedding dress shopping.

Read on.

1. Bridal shopping with a group.

Just because your wedding dress is literally the most important dress you’ll wear, it does not mean you travel to the salons with an entourage in tow. This results in mixed opinions and confusion. From well-meaning advice to badly disguised snarky comments, you will have it all and not know what to do.

All you need is your mother and a sister or your best friend or two to make the right decision. Honest suggestions should be your priority when choosing wedding dress shopping companions.

2. Shopping much before the big do.

The first thing that strikes you when you think of your wedding is your wedding dress. But that doesn’t imply that you shop way too early for it. This comes with a host of problems – you love a dress but can’t buy it yet and you feel frustrated, you love a dress but can’t buy it yet because you haven’t decided on the theme of the wedding plus decor and bridesmaids’ outfits colours and many more things that you need to consider before booking your wedding gown.

Wait at least till you set the date and then go dress shopping.

3. Trying on a zillion wedding gowns.

The more dresses you try, the more confusing it gets and in the end some brides just get overwhelmed and are not able to make a sound decision even when they find ‘the one’ dress. To avoid all the overwhelm, simply try on 7-10 dresses at max and don’t forget your exact preferences like perhaps princess style wedding gowns when you finalize one.